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"Dr. Ferrante is one of the best naturopaths I have experienced! I have been seeing her for my BioTE pellet insertions and she is THE BEST, hands down. She views the body as a whole and not only cares for hormonal balance but also my overall health. We have worked on sleep issues, fatigue, emotional balance and she has been able to address all. She is extremely knowledgeable with a wonderful bedside manner. She really cares!!"

DeeDee H.
"Doctor Jené has changed my life. I came to see her for hormone therapy and I've officially been on them for almost 3 weeks and I can already tell a difference. My energy has increased , my sex drive is back. She specializes in hormone therapy for men and women ! I highly recommend her for anyone who is looking to change their life for the better!! She has truly changed mine! To top it off you have a great view from the office!"

Gabriela C.
"I can't speak highly enough of Hawaii Natural Medicine and Dr Jene Ferrante as she recently took over the clinic. The entire experience, from the moment I walked in, was fantastic. Her staff was friendly and efficient, and Dr Ferrante was not only knowledgeable but also took the time to address all my questions and concerns. I messaged her and she responded which is rare today. I left the clinic feeling confident in my continued care. If you're looking for a reputable clinic with a compassionate doctor, look no further than Dr Ferrante she's a gem."

Anissa W.
"I am so thankful for the new ownership at Hawaii Natural Medicine. I have been a client there for 2 years and it has been nothing but pleasant. I would have to sike myself up to go as I knew the Dr wasn't friendly and the process was extremely painful. But being a women going through the change the pellets helped me feel normal so I continued regardless the 20 minutes of misery I had to deal with.

This has all changed. My last experience was nothing of the sorts. Everyone in the office is happy and pleasant. I felt absolutely no pain when getting my pellets. I mean nothing at all. Dr was extremely knowledgeable, explained everything as she went along, asked me if I could feel pain, cared about my scaring and is going to stay in same areas so scaring is not so noticeable, went thoroughly through my files, allows for flexible scheduling. I could go on and on!

I am beyond happy with my new experience with Hawaii Natural Medicine and am soooo thankful for the new ownership as I was looking for another location (very limited in Hawaii). I will definitely stay now!!!!"

Ailie S.
"I have been Phi-Lan Nguyen's patient for several months, and she has changed my life. When I began working with her, the onset of a neurological disorder had me feeling depressed and hopeless. My normal life, which was full of activity, had been turned upside down.

Phi Lan gave me hope and a plan by building a team that included services from herself and several colleagues, all working collaboratively. She has always been thoughtful, innovative, and a remarkable problem solver. She is not only knowledgeable and positive, but her great sense of humor brings levity and joy to a difficult journey. She has renewed my hope, lifted my spirits, and helped bring continual improvement to my healing.

I know this is a long journey, but I'm making constant progress, with the expectation of a full recovery. I highly recommend this compassionate professional."

Sherry C.

"Exceptional Acupuncture Experience with Phi Lan at Zen Attitude!

The entire Zen Attitude environment, coupled with Phi Lan's kind and welcoming nature, made for a perfect setting to embark on my acupuncture journey.

Phi Lan demonstrates an exceptional level of professionalism and knowledge. She attentively listened to my concerns about my hip pain, asking insightful questions to gain a deeper understanding of my condition. Her expertise was evident as she explained the process and benefits of acupuncture, ensuring I felt comfortable throughout the entire session.

With their help, I experienced a significant reduction in my hip pain. The improvement was truly remarkable, and I am immensely grateful to Phi Lan for her expertise and dedication to my well-being."

Cathleen B.
"In 2016, I became a patient of Phi-Lan Nguyen. She is not only personable, easygoing, and wise but has also been instrumental in alleviating my struggles with dysmenorrhea, anxiety, energy levels, and other issues I have had over the years.

During my acupuncture sessions with Dr. Phi-Lan, I often find myself both laughing and crying due to her effective stress relief needle techniques and incredible sense of humor. Her attentive listening skills and remarkable ability to recall even the smallest details about me create a comforting experience.

After each session, the feeling can vary from being drained to energized, but it always leaves me in a much better state compared to when I arrived. I wholeheartedly recommend Zen Attitude to all those I know, and some of my friends have already cured their migraines and back/neck pain. Acupuncture is a great tool for enhancing one's overall well-being!"

Karina K.

"I met Phi Lan last year in Seattle! I'm actually a patient of her Seattle practice! I can honestly say that Phi Lan has helped transform many aspects of my life through her services. I was struggling with how to manage my stress that it was causing uncontrollable issues with my hormones, digestion and other health related things. The guidance and care she gives to you is top notch. So if you're experiencing things that you feel like you can't control, go to Phi Lan! She will do her absolute best to give you the help you're seeking.

She's so great that I followed her from Seattle to Oahu!"

Amanda D.

"It was phenomenal. I felt more like a friend than a patient. I will be back!!”*"

Lara S.