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Hawaii Natural Medicine offers the most comprehensive hCG weight loss program in Hawaii, resulting in safe natural and rapid weight loss!

Hawaii Natural Medicine's hCG program goes far beyond a supply of hCG injections. Our Naturopathic doctor offers a comprehensive approach that helps people achieve successful weight loss AND long-term weight maintenance.



Our hCG program includes:


Comprehensive Initial naturopathic consult to find the cause of your weight gain and investigating solutions to prevent recurrent weight gain. The doctor will take the time you need to support your goals and concerns.

Dieting Guidance

Detailed Guide outlining the Weight Loss Solution Protocol. Including Sample recipes and suggested shopping list.

Weekly Office Visits

Routine weight assessments. Support health goals and address cravings.  Weekly supply of hCG self administered injections.

Weekly B12 Injections

Supports weight loss, boost energy, enhance mood, and support metabolic pathways.


Supplements maybe suggested to support weight loss, appetite and overall health.

Post-goal guidance

Detailed post weight loss protocols to increase metabolic function and prevent reoccurring weight gain.

Many times weight gain is a byproduct of hormone imbalance. Often it is necessary to address the causative factors of excess weight to achieve the best outcome. As our client you will receive a special discount to review your hormone levels and create an integrative plan to help you achieve optimal health and wellness.



Human Chorionic Gonadatropin (HCG).

It first appeared in papers by Dr. ATW Simeons in 1954.   Dr. Simeons concluded that hCG is a hormone that plays a large role in cellular interaction by helping to stabilize the hypothalamus.  This is the portion of the brain responsible for regulating hunger, thirst, body temperature and weight set point.  The hypothalamus also helps sustain a targeted weight after dieting; making it easier to keep the weight off.   Dr. Simeon  also concluded that hCG helps break down deeply stored abnormal fatty tissues such as abdominal adipose tissue.

As a result, hCG not only increases the body’s metabolism and promotes weight loss, it also targets the abnormal fat deposits and spares lean muscle mass.  It is believed to protect your body’s good fat and muscle from depleting while dieting.  This means that you could go on a low-calorie food plan, lose weight, and may not experience the typical problems such as muscle loss, sagging skin, and hunger pains. HCG has been used in men to increase luteinizing hormone (LH), which can increase testosterone.

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